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Bhavish Dookayka

email: bhavish.dookayka@scriba.mu
phone: +230 5747 1434
LinkedIn: @BhavishDookayka


Bhavish Dookayka

Bhavish is the Executive Director in charge of general management and operations at Scriba Corporate Services. He has, over the years, acquired extensive and valuable experience in the legal, global business, international taxation and capital market sectors.

Prior to joining Scriba, he served as Principal in the corporate and listing division of New Africa Advisors. Between 2014 and 2017, he was the Senior Analyst for the first licensed Corporate Finance Firm in Mauritius where he was responsible for legal drafting and listing.

Concurrently, he was also responsible for the implementation and compliance of FATCA and CRS for Intercontinental Trust, a leading management company in Mauritius.

Bhavish began his career at the Attorney General’s Office and participated in the revision and publishing of the first volume of Subsidiary Legislation in the country.

Bhavish is a holder of a Bachelor of Laws – LLB (Hons) degree. He also followed the Law Practitioners Vocational Course and is now a member of the Mauritius Institute of Directors (MIoD).